The list of most affordable suburbs in Australia is out! Not only that property prices in these suburbs are competitive but also are relatively close to Central Business Districts. With ultra-low interest rates, you could snap up a bargain from these locations.

The Australian housing market experienced substantial growth in the last 12 months as expected. The capital city prices skyrocketed to 17% since August last year while regional markets also saw an exceptional price growth. First home buyers have claimed a significant share of the market, as low interest rates and incentives have created opportunities for Australians to become first home owners. Although property prices have been growing immensely in the country since the conception of pandemic, there are still some affordable properties in the market. In fact, many are still taking advantage of the COVID-19 landscape shifts and the ability to work remotely, which opens up a greater range of suburb choices.

Below is the list of suburbs that represent good value but are still close to the CBD – report courtesy of RiskWise Property Research. Although you can get properties cheaper in a more distant locations but the housing market in these areas sometimes come with challenges and risks.