Since 2015 there has been an unrelenting crack down on the growth of investor loans. Growth in investor loans for August 2018 was the lowest on record. APRA has now achieved what it set out to do and that is cool the Sydney and Melbourne markets. On top of the APRA changes, there has also been a banking Royal Commission taking place. This has all slowed investor finance.

This is all about to change….

The interim report from the Royal Commission was recently released with no major regulation being forced upon the banks. Also, the 10% growth limit that had been enforced on the banks has now also been lifted. What does this mean? There are a lot of investors out there looking for funding. Wages are increasing so investment must go somewhere. The banks want to profit so it wont be long before they start to entice these investors in and try to gain market share. Once this happens we will see the Brisbane market take off. It has been the catalyst that this market has been waiting for.