Brisbane outer suburbs shine

With a Potential oversupply of units in the Brisbane CBD the outer suburbs are set to shine joining Logan city, Moreton Bay is showing exceptional growth with Ipswich city stepping up alongside.

A majority of national commentators misunderstand what’s happening with the Brisbane market. They are looking at the single figure of a 5% increase, but beneath this generalized figure there has been a lot of activity with some precincts recording double-digit annual growth in median house prices.

Markets in the Greater Brisbane area have been on the move for about two years. The inner-city suburbs were busy a couple of years ago and then the middle-ring suburbs on the north side surged. Many of them had annual growth in the 13% to 15% range. The middle-ring suburbs on the south side joined the party 12-18 months ago.

Now it’s the outer-ring areas that are leading. There are still rising suburbs in those north side and south side middle-market precincts, but it’s the cheaper areas on the outskirts that have the greatest activity and momentum.

In this regard, Brisbane is displaying the same pattern we have seen over the past three years in Sydney and Melbourne – the upturn started in the near-city areas and gradually gravitated outwards from the centre. The Ripple Effect is alive and well in residential real estate. Knowledge is key, acquire the best Australian investment property advice today, and watch your future investment property grow.