Brisbane showing solid consistency after 14th consecutive quarterly gain.

Learning how to get started in property investment is a must, with dwelling stock increasing to $5.9 trillion across Australia in the December quarter it has risen by roughly 8.9% or $482 billion over the calendar year. With the majority of this increase coming from the capital cities as would be expected. This has been closely matched by the Capital city dwelling price growth of +8.7%.

The total dwelling stock has since December 2011 increased by $1.5 trillion. Although not increasing by the most overall, the most steadily consistent performer has been Brisbane, gaining another +1.6 per cent increase for its 14th consecutive quarterly gain and accompanied by a +4.2 per cent annual increase. This has been a consistent growth since June 2012 and has increased by +17.1 per cent. Time has shown it is often better to have a consistent steady increase over time which means that the increase in values will generally stick. When values come from a huge spike, this can often lead to a drop in values in the short term after.

Although prices and population (demand) continue to increase, there has not been the anticipated stock coming on in both Brisbane and Sydney. This is great news for property investment because it would indicate that prices will continue to rise over the longer term. Melbourne and Perth are a different story. They have brought on much more stock to the market and hence prices are very steady.