DFA’s latest biannual report titled The Property Imperative Found published some interesting facts about the Australian residential and investment property market. Currently the Australian residential property market is valued at over $5.86 trillion, with values doubling over the past 10 years. (Great if you knew how to get started in property investment 10 years ago!)

According to the report based on figures gathered from various sources including the RBA, as of January 2016, total housing loans were a record $1.53 trillion.

What was very interesting is that market sentiment is very positive. According to the surveys in the report, almost all households expect house and property investment prices to rise in the next 12 months (70%), while 64% said they will transact in the next 12 months. Many will borrow more to facilitate the transaction (90%), and 52% will use a mortgage broker. Strong sentiment will mean that we should see continued property investment flowing into that sector. This is a great time to receive the best Australian property investment advice before potentially missing out on another great opportunity.