East coast property prices could increase by 10%. John McGrath

CEO of McGrath Estate Agents, John McGrath has stated in his autumn report that he expects property prices on the east coast to rise, maybe as high as 10%.

He has quoted strengthening economic conditions, improving confidence by both business and consumers, low unemployment, low inflation and high rental yields as a catalyst for an increase in prices. This was all good news for those looking for Australian property investment advice. McGrath has indicated that there has been has fantastic property investment money making opportunities on the market recently but the market has been slow to take these opportunities up. Now that confidence is coming back these opportunities for will be drying up.

“The investor trifecta of cheap money, rising rents and price growth is bringing them back in droves. Cash and term deposits are far less attractive and there’s continuing strong interest in purchasing via self-managed super funds,” McGrath says.

“This year will be the turnaround year. Those who get in first will reap significant rewards as they ride the wave of price growth from the bottom,” McGrath writes.

I think that is good property investment advice!