Australians have really two main asset classes that they invest in: Shares or Property. While the press would falsely have you believe that Australians are heavily invested in property, the truth is that only 7.9% of Australians actually own an investment property. (From RP Data and the Census Data – Investment property being classed as a house outside of your own home) What’s more is that 75% of the people that own an investment property only own one. That means less than 2% of all Australians own more than one investment property.

Now to be able to be financially free from investing in property, you are going to need to own at least 4 properties. This would be considered only a “comfortable” level. So how many people would be considered financially free from investing in property? Well, only 2% of those people that own an investment property own 4 or more. That is 0.1% of Australians. Not many!

If you would like to have a slightly better than comfortable retirement you would need to own 6 or more properties. How many investors actually own 6 or more? Less than 1% of property investors own 6 or more properties. That is 0.07% of Australians own 6 or more properties. That means that out of every 1 million Australians only 700 owned 6 or more properties.
Those figures are very low.

There is a couple of reasons why people don’t build up enough properties in their portfolios:

  1. They invest the wrong type of property.
  2. They invest in the wrong location
  3. They structure their asset purchases incorrectly
  4. They don’t understand that they need at least 4 properties to be financially free
  5. They don’t start investing early enough. It takes time to build up a property portfolio.

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