Investor lending increased by 18%

The ABS has released their latest figures which show that investor lending is up 18% for November 2023 from that same time in the previous year. The actual number is $9.72 billion in loans for December 2023.

Between states, the range varied greatly. While Melbourne investor lending only increased by 3.5%, Western Australian investor lending increased by a whopping 42.1%.

Most analysts are pointing toward the big gain in property investment over the last 12 months. The market across Australia has increased by 8.1% on average. With some states such as QLD and WA performing much higher than that. Investors are also winning because rents are going up fast as well. The median rent across Australia went up by 8.1% on average.

The good times set to continue in the property investment market with severe supply shortages and growing demand through population growth. If you are not investing at the moment, it would be a good idea to investigate this before it is too far out of reach.