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RBA Cuts rates again – July 2019 Update

The cash rate moved to an historic low yesterday as the RBA did back to back rates cuts. The cash rate now stands at 1%. This is the first time the RBA has cut in consecutive months in over a decade. Some economists are even predicting further rate cuts and are anticipating that the cash

Here comes EOFY – Accounting for property

 The dreaded EOFY accounting rush is upon us. Everyone frantically trying to gather up lost receipts and making sure everything is in order for your business. But property accounting should not be as stressful as a business. Often it is the thought of doing it is actually worse than the doing. There are just

WA’s West Pilbara takes the crown of the biggest loss

While there were great gains to be made in WA’s Pilbara region during the mining construction boom, those gains have come off drastically with losses in the region at almost 60%. This gives the region the crown of the biggest loser in Australia. I am not a believer in investing in any regional markets that

HTW latest property clock confirms that Brisbane is on the up

The HTW property clock was recently released with Brisbane and Adelaide being the only 2 capitals with growth ahead. According to HTW Sydney and Melbourne are still in decline and will be for quite some time. It appears that Perth may have bottomed out but without more mining construction, Perth will always struggle.

Further Rate Cuts Expected

The minutes from the RBAs latest meeting point towards another drop in rates later this year. Rates that are already at historical lows are expected to drop even further making Brisbane’s property market even more enticing. “Financial market pricing implied that the cash rate target was expected to be lowered by 25 basis points at

Access to lending about to get easier

Over the last couple of years access to funding has become quite difficult for investors. With the introduction of APRA disallowing lending to investors from banks following the Sydney and Melbourne property booms and then following that was the Royal Commission where banks took self-regulation to a whole new level. These restrictions meant it has

Interest rates get cut

After nearly 30 meetings and an unprecedented fix on rates, this week the RBA cut their cash rate to a historic low of 1.25%. It is the first time rates have been cut in 3 years. This is wonderful news for investors and means it is even easier to hold investment property. Tuesday’s cut should

Business as usual – Liberals win the election. What next?

Confidence has really come back to the Australian economy with the Liberals winning out over Labour. Labours drastic tax reforms and higher taxes were just too much for the Australian population who voted in May to retain the stability and economic management of the current Liberal government. It was the “un-loosable” election but Labour managed

Property Markets May See A Rebound Soon

It has been a great month for property investors around Australia with lots of positive news coming out: Stable Liberal government gets re-elected The “interest rate buffer” of 7.5% set to decrease RBA drops interest rates to an all-time low after nearly 3 years. All of the above a very positive factors for investors. They