NAB’s latest report is great news for real estate property investments in Brisbane. NAB is anticipating high upcoming growth rates. The news is not so good for apartment investors. There is a looming over supply of these around the greater Brisbane area. This is why you need the best Australian property investment advice it is crucial when getting started in property investment.

In the latest NAB housing insights report, they noted due to the higher pace of growth recorded in Melbourne and Sydney since 2009, Brisbane home values have become very affordable compared with its southern counterparts and has become the property investment advisors pick. The typical Brisbane median house price is now close to half of Sydney’s price and substantially lower then Melbourne’s.

Recently we have seen a consistent improvement in the services sector of the Queensland economy, with rising tourism numbers and retail spending providing support for coastal and lifestyle based housing markets as well as the Brisbane housing market. The weakening of the Australian dollar is set to further help this making the destination once again very attractive for foreign holiday makers.