Perth Property Market Slowing?

The latest figures show that the Perth market may be weakening with average days on market (Time it takes to sell a property) having increased 22% from 78 days in May to 95 Days in June. The rest of the country showed signs of strengthening with a reduction in days on market. The Gold Coast, which has been a struggling market over the last few years has shown the greatest signs of increase.
The results will be welcome for those that own property on the east coast and important data for those not sure when and how to get started in property investment. As any property investment adviser will tell you, it is far better to buy in a rising market than one that is reaching its peak. While property does double every 8-10 years across Australia, it does happen in cycles. It much more lucrative if that growth can happen in the first few years of buying a property and thus enabling you to build your portfolio out of the growth in your last purchase.