Often I have clients emailing me or calling me totally distraught because they have read that the “property market” is in decline. When analysing data and more so information that the press is putting it is very important to assess it properly and don’t just take it as correct at first glance.

When the press puts out that “the property market is in decline” they are doing that to sell papers or get you reading their web page. Often this information is incorrect or full disclosure hasn’t been given.

I read recently that Brisbane dwelling prices had fallen over the last six months. Now what we have to know is the “dwelling” includes both Houses and Apartments. Yet they are two distinct products. On closer inspection houses in Brisbane had actually increased in value and were in undersupply while Apartments had actually decreased in value and were severely oversupplied.

So as a serious property investor, you need to drill down into the information and sensational headlines presented to you to actually get down to the data that is real.