At Rogers Property Group we keep on top of all new ideas, programs and incentives that are offered or talked about that may improve your property investments.

I have been investigating solar energy for some time now and believe it is one of the best ways to improve not only the value of your investment property but to improve its cash flow considerably.

In the past solar has not been a good investment for landlords due to the restrictions on being able to bill the tenants for the solar power that they use. We have now come up with a unique solar set up and billing system that not only allows you to charge your tenants for solar, it also enables you to claim the feed in credits. There is nothing else like it. It can increase cash flow from $25 – 40 per week depending on the tenant’s power usage. It is quite revolutionary.

If you would like to know more than please watch the short video below. Then if you wish to know more technical aspects then please watch the webinar.