Brisbane continues to surge…

The Brisbane market continues to outperform with values increasing 1.1% in March. Around $25,000 of value has been added to your average Brisbane house in March. This proves that it is almost impossible to save as fast as the market value is increasing.

Over the first quarter of 2024, the Brisbane market has risen by 3.2% which is nearly 13% annualised.

The severe shortage in available homes still continues to be the big issue. Supply is just not keeping up with demand and local councils continuing to be ignorant of the needs of the general public by bottlenecking development applications and generally slowing down the whole the process.

It appears from all research that Brisbane will continue along its strong growth trajectory. With not enough supply being brought to market and demand soaring due to strong population growth. ANZ have forecast 10% in values across Brisbane for 2024 which appears that could easily be met.