I had an appointment this evening with one of my potential clients that I have been talking to about getting started in property investing for the last 5 years. He is in the police in Newcastle and is looking to retire this year due to stress related issues.

I have been talking to this guy since early 2019 and it is now 2024. That is 5 years. In those 5 years, he has not invested $1. That’s right. Not a single dollar. Now that he has decided to retire, he has come to the realization that, he has no assets, (except for a very average home that he doesn’t like and still owes $200,000 on) and some super. So now he is in a mad rush to try and get an investment property because once he retires, he will not be able to get finance due to his very low pension.

He asked if he had “missed the boat?”

The fact that he has been aware of property investing since back in 2019, he had the finances to get into the market and still didn’t go and buy an investment property means that he has missed out on 5 years of extremely strong capital growth. So, he has no doubt missed out on a major portion of capital growth in the Brisbane market. He doesn’t have much, so this is a major increase that he has missed out on which could have really helped him. He can still get into the market and make the most of it. There is still a lot of growth to go in this market cycle. Ok, he has to pay a bit more but at least he is now in and can ride that property wave all the way.

Remember this saying:

The best day to buy is yesterday, the second best is today.

Get out there and enjoy the investment journey people. Only you can do it for yourselves!