Over the last week there has been a great bunch of articles released by demographer – Bernard Salt through the Courier Mail. The articles are analysing Brisbane demographics and property. Salt describes Brisbane as a city on the brink of becoming a major international centre underpinned by booming population growth and a “network of cities’’ unrivalled by any other capital. He anticipates that Brisbane will grow by no less than 662,000 people over the next 13 years. That is more than a consistent 1,000 people per week in greater Brisbane alone. This would be the same as adding the equivalent of the population of the Gold Coast to Brisbane in the next 13 years. In fact Brisbane had grown 76% faster than previous projections in the decade up to 2016. With a population growth of 662,000 people, at 2.3 persons per household, that would be the equivalent to 280,000 more houses by 2031 or around 21,500 per year.

Given these facts it looks like Brisbane will be a good bet for any investor looking for strong rental yield and capital growth.