Property Hotspots – Are they Useful in terms of Long Term Property Investment?

In the 6 years following 2010 investors and home owners in Sydney and Melbourne did extremely well with those markets doubling in value. Both Sydney and Melbourne came to grinding halts in mid 2017 and have been in decline since. For an investor in those markets who has made a killing it is very hard to sit back and wait 6 years for those markets to come back into favour hence people are always on the hunt for the next “hot spot”.

But do hotspots always give long term gains?

The answers is no. Investors have to be very careful that they are not too caught up in the “next best thing” recommended by someone and forget about solid fundamentals. There is one particular so called “property adviser” who makes his money by selling various “hot spot” reports. I have checked some of the locations recommended by some of these reports and the locations in question have not done well at all. In fact some of them have gone backwards in value significantly.

It is fine to have a read of these report and give them some consideration but always focus on the long term fundamentals of property and what makes it go up in value.