An interesting article recently put out by data analyst Michael Matusik breaks down the population growth of the Sunshine State. I found the finding quite interesting and I am sure you will too. If you are looking to expand your property portfolio or are looking for advice on property investment, then the population numbers are your bread and butter as they really constitute your solid demand.
Population growth is described as:

  • Births over deaths
  • Net Internal Migration
  • Net Overseas Migration

It was determined that from 2016 – 2017 the South East Queensland population grew by over 72,500 people. This is over 1,300 people per week move to South East Queensland.

Equal amounts are made up of Net Interstate and Net Overseas Migration. Approx 25,200 each.

The high Net Interstate Migration figure could be put down to SEQ being so affordable at the moment combined with a good supply of jobs. It is definitely the place to be purchasing at the moment if you are looking to expand your property holdings.


Four urban zones (2016 v 2017)

Urban zones Natural increase Net 
internal migration
Net overseas migration Total 
Inner city 1,831 2,194 3,983 8,008
Middle ring 7,368 -66 9,393 16,695
Outer suburbs 8,762 9,895 4,622 23,279
Outer conurbation 4,062 13,203 7,301 24,566
Total SEQ 22,023 25,226 25,299 72,548