Like property prices rents are going through the roof. Strong demand and severe shortages of available properties have made headlines across all states. If you have been in the unfortunate situation where you have needed to find rental accommodation, it is a nightmare through and through. People have been forced to live in caravans and all sorts of demountable homes.

Rents in Queensland alone have risen by over 23% in this year alone.

There does not appear to be any hope for tenants on the horizon with more immigrants set to arrive which will drive higher demand. That coupled with no supply coming onto the market due to the fear of building means that things will get tougher.

While not great for tenants, it is a great time to get into the market if you are an investor. It appears that all the stars are once again beginning to align with interest rates now on hold and rents and property values at near boom time numbers again. Make hay while the sun shines.