Solar for cash flow

As investors we are constantly trying to increase our cash flow from our assets. Some people may put in an extra air conditioner or new carpets etc. The best thing that I have seen in recent times is solar for landlords.

In the past solar is not something that has worked for landlords. The problem has always been that when the tenant puts the power bill into their name, they are entitled to all of the benefits. These include:
– Free power from solar
– Feed in credit for excess power that is not used that goes back to the grid.

At Rogers property Group we have come up with a unique billings system that not only allows the landlord to charge the tenants for the solar electricity that they use but to also get the income from the feed in credits for the excess power that goes into the grid.

We have been able to do this by teaming up with a very progressive and green energy retailer.

The returns are around 25% on the solar system and will increase cash flows by a minimum of around $25 per week. If you think that rental yields are 5%, that makes solar look very attractive.
A word of warning. Don’t just go and put solar on your rental property and think that it will start producing income, it wont. You need to use our specialised billing system to make it work. If you would like more information on this, please contact our office.