It is funny how people see their own market as reflective of what is going on around the rest of the nation. A good example I have seen of this lately is the use of fixed vs. variable rates. In all capital cities except Melbourne, there have been a greater percentage of people switching to fixed rates. Why? Because all capital cities except Melbourne showed year on year house price growth at the end of January.

The results stand as follows: Sydney up 3.4%; Brisbane 2.3%; Melbourne -0.4%; Adelaide 0.7%; Perth 2.7%; Hobart 0.8%; and Darwin 8.7%. People in cities that see strengthening in the market are more inclined to lock in at a low rate to try and beat the increases they anticipate.  When it comes to locking in rates, any Property Investment Advisor worth their salt should tell you that it is very hard to beat the bank. The reason why you should be locking in is that it enables you to plan your expenses better.